Sunday Link Around

It may be a bit late to read during your Sunday morning coffee, but here are a few good links to check out before the work week begins…

A good critique on NBC’s “Education Nation”

A city school teacher talks about The Next Big Thing in education. (Thanks Steve Nielsen for the link)

The Washington Post’s Harold Meyerson on “Lessons from the teachers strike

Some background on who is behind the propoganda film known as “Won’t Back Down”

Diane Ravitch goodies…

Diane discussing the $1 million ad that was put out after the CTU strike to spin the story in favor of “reform” groups.

Diane on who paid for the anti-union ads that were played during the strike. (Democrats For Education Reform, of course).

What one teacher did on Back-to-School night.

Two links (here and here) about NBC’s push for the corporate reform of education look at education in the US.

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