Welcome to the PJSTA’s Official Blog!

Welcome to the official blog of the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association!  We hope that you use this site to keep yourself up to date on all of the happenings of our local union, NYSUT, AFT/NEA, and the entire world of education and labor.  Feel free to comment and participate in all that we do!

Going forward, whenever you see blog posts on here you can assume that they are written by me, Brian St. Pierre, the blog administrator.  On occasion we will have other “guest writers” as well.  I am beginning my eleventh year as a member of the PJSTA.  This will be my sixth year as a member of our executive board.  Over the past three years I have served as a member of our LAP team, spending one week each summer in Saratoga Springs, NY with the other dedicated members of our team.  This blog is something that was born out of the ideas originally hatched at LAP.  In the coming weeks I will be describing, in much further detail, what exactly NYSUT’s LAP program is all about.

Please let me know what you would like to see from this blog and if you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can make it an informative and effective tool for our members.  Please be aware that all comments on this page will be moderated.  Thank you, I look forward to seeing how this initiative develops over the course of the school year!

6 Comments on “Welcome to the PJSTA’s Official Blog!”

  1. Brian, I love the blog format! Thanks for bringing your techie insight to the table!

  2. Brian, Congratulations on the start of your blog. I am Elliot Matis, the original editor of The Portal. That was originally designed to have greater communication between members of our union, in the various buildings. We were fortunate to find a few people who were willing to write about things of interest. I am hoping, through the blog, that more people will be willing to write on a more timely basis. Congratulations and best wishes.

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