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The situation in Chicago has been well documented on our blog (here, here, here, and here too!).  As the above graphic suggests, their fight is truly our fight.  The CTU is on the front lines of the war against public education.  They are now four days away from a strike with their strike date set for …

Diane Ravitch Addresses the AFT Convention

Education analyst Diane Ravitch was the keynote speaker at this year’s AFT Convention in Detroit. Here is her addressing the convention yesterday.

AFT: State of the Union 2010-2012

The video played at the opening of the 2012 AFT Convention taking place this week in Detroit.

Sign the AFT’s Petition to End America’s Fixation With High Stakes Testing!

All children deserve a rich, meaningful public education that prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and challenges that await them as they become contributing members of a democratic society. Growing our nation’s future citizens and workers is a serious undertaking that calls for a thoughtful focus on teaching and learning. But the growing fixation on …