Month: August 2016

REMINDER: PJSTA shirts on Thursday!

Just a reminder to everybody that our opening conference day is on a Thursday, therefore it is expected all PJSTA members will be wearing a union shirt as we welcome each other back to school!

NYSUT’s VOTE-COPE “Campaign” Highlights What is Wrong with NYSUT

Two years ago, with NYSUT’s failure to oppose Governor Cuomo serving as “the straw that broke the camel’s back” PJSTA members followed the lead of their officers and stopped contributing to VOTE-COPE, the statewide union’s voluntary political action fund.  PJSTA President Beth Dimino has been vocal in describing her reasons for not contributing and this …

Beth Dimino Letter to NYSUT Officers

Dear NYSUT Officers, On behalf of the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association, I wish to alert you to our concern about your approach to the NYSUT/PSA negotiations. It appears to the PJSTA that you are needlessly and recklessly creating a dispute with the bargaining unit and, as a consequence, threatening the services provided to the …