Month: October 2012

Educate New York Now! Rally

Mark your calendars… Thursday, October 25th. 4:00 pm, JFK Middle School. ALL PJSTA members should be there as teachers, administrators, BOE members, and community members from our area rally for public education! More details to follow…

A Couple of Interesting Reads

This article dealing with why Wall Street wants to get their hands on public education. This Washington Post article on how test based teacher evaluations hurt students.

Won’t Back Down Bombs

The anti-union, anti-public education propoganda film “Won’t Back Down” recorded the worst opening weekend of any film in wide distribution (more than 2,500 screens) in 30 years. Here are some of the reviews… with this quote… Someone needs to launch an investigation into what combination of crimes, dares, alcoholic binges and lapses in judgment got Viola …